The no-leak cap is also made from stainless steel and prevents beer-flattening air from entering the vessel. We will also review some of the top beer kegs available right now so that you don’t have to look around. A tube called a "spear" extends from the opening to the other end. More Info. Opens image gallery. Everything about the product speaks about quality. Different beers need different pressures, and you can use the regulator to vary the pressure from a single tank. Brad is an engineer, expert homebrewer and experienced reviewer. A keg has a single opening on one end, called a "bung". But you can expect odd jobs like replacing valves, faucets, gauges, and keeping them in working condition. So my wife bought me a HomeCraft mini keg for Christmas. Please take our 3-minute survey, and give us feedback about your visit today. Do you plan on going all out and start brewing your own beer? 2L/3.6L/4L/5L mini keg for choose 3. The rubber handles are slightly flimsier compared to rubbers of other keg models. This Kegco 5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg is a classic example of your typical ball lock Cornelius homebrew beer keg. They will come useful when you want to force carbonate your drinks or have an optimum pour. They are suited to small batches and suited to people who want to fit them into their standard domestid fridges. Each cartridge will suffice for around 128-oz of beer. Knowledge of the different parts of a beer keg is essential to know how it works. They have valves for gas in and beer out, and a safety release valve. And because they’re airtight, you can be sure of having fresh tasting beer wherever you are. It has an integrated pressure release valve, making it easy for you to depressurize the keg prior to cleaning. Standard CO2 cartridges fit the regulator easily and help you force carbonate your beer. 2 - G Francis Store Stainless Steel Beer Growler with Swing-Top, 3 - Nutrichef Pressurized Beer Mini Keg System. All the kegging bits you need and only the premium bits you will ever use. AU $53.04 + AU $13.95 shipping . The assembly is also a breeze and only takes a few minutes. Carbonating your beer is a breeze in these kegs. Most U.S. brewers sell beer in 1⁄2 barrels of 15.5 gallons, 1⁄4 barrels of 7.75 gallons, and 1⁄6 barrels of 5.17 gallons. The mini keg comes with top features to keep your beer tasting great, days after days. Awesome little kegs for home brew! You get to enjoy high-quality and fresh craft beer anytime you want. Requires our mini keg coupler, disconnects and accessories to serve from the keg (purchased separately). Kegs have been made out of many materials over time, including wood, plastic, and aluminum. Perfect for any homebrew or craft draught, Includes metal screw on lid cap for easy portable transportation and storage. These growlers look good and are compact for easy transport. The G. Francis Stainless Steel Growler, you now have a way to carry a full liter of your favorite homebrew or. Pretty sweet huh? Kegs! The barrel is similar in volume to traditional growlers and comes with a laser mark for filling. Copyright © 2021 | Sitemap | Disclosure Policy | Privacy FTC Disclosure: Homebrew Academy sometimes uses affiliate links to products which allows us to make a little extra beer money from the merchant (not our readers) if someone buys from from that link. Faucets: Faucets or taps are attached to couplers and let you pour the beer into glasses or other containers. … A bit on the expensive side, but worth the quality. You could experiment with ingredients to produce several different beer varieties. You can get around 10 pints of beer to serve at parties, events and restaurants. It keeps beer fresh, cold and carbonated, allowing you to enjoy It over time. The keg is portable and fits corners conveniently. Yet another amazing product that tops … Are you looking to host parties and need something to avoid frequent refills? It helps keep the lights on and the hops growing. The keg is designed to keep beer fresh under vacuum pressure for up to 2 months. Stainless Steeel Mini Keg Growler Canteen 2. Most first-time buyers and beginners are not really sure what to consider when buying a beer keg. Picture Information. The top is designed with built-in handles so that you can pick the keg and carry without any troubles. Knowing the details will also help you manage and control your brewing effectively and prevent any confusions later one. We will only cover tabletop beer kegs in this post which can be used even by beginners without much technical knowledge. Image not available. If you want to invite friends over and entertain them, get something around 5 gallons. Our Small Batch mini beer keg kit has been designed for the home brewer by beer lovers. The hassle-free mechanism makes it a joy to pour the beer and adds to the fun and ambiance. Spotted Dog company specializes in innovative beer accessories and personalized drinkware. It can accommodate your toughest drinking needs! The only reason for deducting a star is the second order of three didn't come with the 2 piece bung which is needed for my system. Like other kegs, it also comes with a pressure gauge and regulator to hook up your CO2 cartridges. Even the dip tube is made of top-quality vinyl. You can easily use it for your parties and get-togethers to serve a medium-sized crowd. Or you can opt for the “sixtle”, which can hold the equivalent of 42 pints. This homebrew beer keg also works well with CO2 cartridges so you can handle no-fuss carbonation via disposable CO2. GrowlerWerks uKeg 128 Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer. These premium stainless steel kegs are all you need to store and serve 5 litres (or 15 bottles) of fresh cold craft beer. So this keg comes with little co2 cartridges, and a non pressurized growler. The keg will keep everything intact, preserving every flavor and aroma of your beverages. The 5L or 10L mini keg homebrew draught system can be used to enjoy a fine beverage at home or taken out on the move. Finding the right PSI for the beer so it does not foam takes time and practice. Whether you are trying to empty a 5 gallon keg or larger in order to fill it back up or you are trying to bring your latest crafted drink to a party. While people have reasons to favor one over the other, choose one and stick with it so you don’t need to worry about different connectors and fittings. So if you want to move it around, you need something portable. Home Brew on the Go 1.75 Gallon Mini Keg System - Northern Brewer $89.99 & Free Shipping Details System Option. Read the specifications for each model and compare the features and benefits. 64OZ VOLUME CAPACITY - STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL: Constructed with S/S 304 stainless steel. These make it easy to serve beer and transport the keg from the kitchen to backyard. You don’t want to end up with several kegs! P07 (6) $39.99. If you want a healthy keg to make your beer, NutriChef can be the ideal choice. KegLand Mini Keg Ball Lock Lid. Transport and even storage is no big deal as this one fits right inside your home fridge. … Camping Picnic Station Brew; Maintains carbonation, keeps beer fresh longer 5. Grab a link to Brad’s website at the end of this review. You can expand your social group to include beer enthusiasts and experts and maybe even turn this tasty hobby into a fulltime business. And beer money is a good thing. Kegs are small barrels you used to store that freshly brewed beer in. They work great for carbonating in. The product is ISO 9001 and NSF certified. Connectors: Every keg has two connections, one for pushing in CO2and the other for dispensing beer. The Mini Keg is the perfect solution when there isn't room in the fridge for a full-size draft system. Beer kegs can be made of metal and come in varying capacities. There is a self-closing valve that is opened by the coupling fitting which is attached when the keg is tapped. You might wonder what a “Mini Keg Growler” is. Since beer kegs are air-tight, you can ensure that the quality of the beverage will be the same from the first to the last glass. Has double rubber handles so you can get a good grip when lifting the keg. Home Home Brew on the Go 1.75 Gallon Mini Keg System - Northern Brewer. It comes with everything you will need to carbonate and serve 5 litres of fresh craft beer. It will become the topic of discussion at any event and is the ultimate showpiece to entice your guests. For ball-lock we sell both new ball-lock and refurbished ball-lock kegs, we only sell refurbished pin-lock kegs. The 5L size is equivalent to around 15 x 330ml bottles of beer. The keg is going to keep your beer fresh so that you can feel the punch every time. If you need a complete kegging setup then click here to see our full line of homebrew keg systems. It will last for a lifetime and at most, you will need to replace the accessories. Now imagine having the same right in your home directly from a keg! Give it a try and you may never need to look back! The G Francis Store Stainless Steel Beer Growler with Swing-Top is a great choice when home brewing beer. Basic Homebrew Keg Kits / Basic Home Kegging Kits. You will need to find couplers that match the keg valves if they are not provided in the package. Durable 304 stainless steel construction, built to last 6. 5 Liter KegLand Mini Keg. Keg Smith products are meant to steal the show at any party. The company has a mission to produce healthy cooking and drinking items, so you can be sure of complete safety. You can also increase the pressure to 15 PSI and let your sit drink overnight to force carbonate your beverages. For concoctions that need other pressure levels, you can easily adjust the regulator to reach your desired mark. Lid seals nicely. When tightened carelessly, it could tend the CO2 to leak out of the growler, thus losing its pressure. Check out our new homebrew channel as we figure out the best way to make 5L of the best tasting beer for the cheapest price! This sleeve will keep your system cold 50% longer than the competitor products. Mouse over to Zoom-Click to enlarge. Some customers have complained of a faulty lid. So choose wisely! They’re easy to handle, and they provide automated cleaning and filling through the valve in a closed system. You can ensure a glass of tasty bear on every pour and never be let down by foam! Regulator unit is made of plastic and the seals/gaskets tend to move out of place when tightened too much. You can use the keg to brew your beer or share your favorite beverage like coffee or iced tea. Set the solution aside. In the early days, kegs were made of wood. You can use the beer keg to carbonate your beer using the airtight lock provided with the package. Remove the posts on the keg. The beer keg is too tall to fit inside a refrigerator. The Kegco 5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg is designed for use with ball lock keg couplers. The uKeg arrives with 2 recyclable unthreaded chargers filled with food grade CO2. With its rust-proof, food grade and solid stainless-steel make, you can be sure that your draft beer stays cooler and fresher for a longer time. Corny Kegs, Homebrew Kegs, and Keg Parts. Beer kegs are generally made of metal like stainless steel and come complete with couplers, faucets and pressure gauges for perfect brewing and storing. This product is the perfect mini beer keg for your favorite homebrew. We have pin lock and ball lock kegs, all of which are stainless steel and designed to last. People who are just entering the brewing realm will find this keg really useful. Start by mixing together water and your favorite brewing cleaner. You can also choose from steel 5l homebrew mini keg, as well as from ce / eu, lfgb, and sgs 5l homebrew mini keg, and whether 5l homebrew mini keg is bucket, or barrel. Keg: This is the main vessel which stores your beer. X. The size of these "kegs" types varies from as small as 9 to 50 liters. How to Brew Beer at Home: Extract Brewing, 5L Premium Craft Beer Growler by Spotted Dog Company, Pressurized Beer Mini Keg System - 64oz Stainless Steel Growler, PERA Beer Mini Kegs 128 OZ for Craft beer Dispenser CO2 regulator with beer faucet taps, NutriChef Mini Keg Beer Growler 64oz Black Matte Powder Coated Pressurized, Keg Smiths 128 oz Portable Draft Keg System. Once you purchase the equipment needed to get started, the cost per batch is relatively cheap compared to picking up a bottle from the bodega down the street. Essential Equipment to Keg Homebrew. When filling the 5 liter mini keg, leave a 1” space at the top for CO2 space. "Choad" 5L Mini Keg Alone $89 5L volume or 15 "stubbies" Half the size & weight of bottles, perfect for camping, caravans etc Made from 304 stainless steel these kegs are … The uKeg features a vacuum insulated stainless steel vessel to keep beer cold all day. I always bottle condition my beer. $31.90. Quantity +-Add to cart Shopping Cart ADD TO WISHLIST REMOVE FROM … If you’re an avid beer drinker, you’ll find that there are more than a few reasons to brew your own beer at home. You can also store other mixed drinks like ice tea, coffee, mimosas and more. Free shipping . The keg is easy to assemble, easy to use, easy to fill and even easy to clean! This homebrew keg is made from a 100% stainless steel. Keg Smiths specializes only in beverage kegs and this beer keg is surely a head-turner. You can use 12 and 16-gram threaded CO2 cartridges with the keg. Are you just a hobbyist or a casual drinker? We offer a wide variety of homebrew kegs, often referred to as corny kegs, cornelius kegs, or soda kegs. Dip tubes are correct and the liquid line hits the bottom just right. These days the vast majority of kegs are made from stainless steel. You can safely store your beer for days and still get the same taste. Some kegs have nice handles which you can use to carry it. Features: 100% Brand New. The faucet uses a special Perfect Pour Regulator System that regulates the flow of your beer. You can eliminate the guesswork and use the readings to maintain required pressure without any hassles. The portable keg doesn’t compromise on capacity and can hold up to 128-oz of beer or any other beverage. Our home brew keg systems and accessories are perfect for any serious brewer out there who is looking for the best. A beer keg typically is made up of the following components-. Look for such helpful features if you have mobility in mind. 5 Best Kegerator Faucets for Your kitchen. Rinse well with warm water and flush the valve well. The pressure feature could wear off with frequent use. Your beer is not going to go flat anymore after just a few pours! The uKeg keeps your draft beer cold on the go. 5L Homebrew Keg System Kit for Home Brew Beer. Any beer lover would surely love a glass of fresh and refreshing beer. The slender beer keg packs quite a capacity even if it looks so thin. So here are a few guidelines to help you out! The Keg comes complete with all accessories so that you don’t have to shop around. You will get an insulated sleeve free with your order to keep your beer cold. BestReviews wants to be better. 1x 2-5L Homebrew Beer Mini Keg Barrel Bottle Growler Wine Making Stainless Steel. You can make it your companion on hiking trips, weekend camping, poolside picnics, or just use it at your home. The obvious use of the keg is to store beer for easy pouring. Made from high-quality food grade stainless steel, it’s the type of product that will last for years to come. You can find various sizes of beer kegs to suit varying capacity needs. The barrel is the same volume as traditional growlers and is laser marked at the fill level. Remove all water with a few pieces of paper towel and let the keg completely air dry. This GrowlerWerks product is built with double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel to keep your beverage chilled just the way you like it. They are easy to use, easy to clean, carbonates your homebrew in days (not weeks like in the bottles), and beats the hell out of washing and bottling 50 bottles of beer!! You can show off your keg at parties and people are sure to fall for its looks. The 5-liter or 170-oz keg suits the needs of a wide range of beer aficionados and can be used at home or outdoors. Add To Cart. You can store or brew a large quantity of beer and keep it fresh and carbonated for a long time in a tabletop keg that you can easily purchase from the market. Kegs sometimes have ribs on the outer side to add to the strength and portability. KEGS: Post-mix kegs are the kegs used in most systems, made of stainless steel with a hatch cover for quick cleaning and filling. 2-5L Homebrew Growler Mini Keg Stainless Steel Beer Brewing Making 64/128/170OZ. 5 Liter Craft Beer Tower by Spotted Dog Company. The faucet is also made of chrome-plated brass for extra elegance and perfect pour. It is perfect for entertaining your guests and becomes the centerpiece of any party. Price: $170.19 + $1.99 shipping: This fits your . You can fit any standard CO2 cartridge and carbonate your beer like a pro! It’s also portable enough so that you can take it along for tailgating or camping trips. No more complaints about warm beers! Move over photo to zoom. Most tabletop beer kegs provide a maximum capacity of 5 gallons. R53 (2) $49.99. With that, here are our top five picks for the best kegs for home brewing beer. Pour out the cleaning solution inside the keg and pour in fresh water. New and used home brew kegs are available at Adventures in Homebrewing, a kegging and beer making supply shop offering a variety of homebrew keg options. This Growler is complete with a built-in fold-down carrying handle attached to the lid to make this easy to carry all over. Take Survey Our Top Picks The more the parts, the more things you need to take care of. You may have to take out several shelves before you are able to get it inside the fridge. You can either dispense your favorite beer or brew your preferred blend with full confidence. Beer kegs, especially those made of metal, can weigh a bit. Soak the posts in a cleaner solution preferably overnight to remove the residue can become trapped in them. Sanitize the keg and two-piece bung immediately before use. Mini Stainless Steel Growler Ss Keg 5L 304 (174MM X 280MM) Home Brew By triplej 8.8 View Product 8.8 5: Mini Keg Ball Lock Tapping Head Growler Dispensing for 2L / 3.6L / By ibrewing This the keg you want if you need something that works right out of the box (after sanitizing off course). Fill the keg with a mild soap solution and let soak for a few minutes. These are fantastic with the Nostalgia Homecraft growler on tap system. The heavy-duty regulator is compatible with both 3/8″ and 5/8″ threaded CO2 cartridges in case you need the extra carbon or pressure. Ball-lock, pin-lock and sankey style kegs in 3 gallon, 5 gallon, 1/6 barrel and 1/2 barrel. It is made out of stainless steel that is resistant to tarnishing and rust, and helps to keep your drinks colder for longer. There are 386 suppliers who sells 5l homebrew mini keg on, mainly located in Asia. Yes, that’s precisely what owning a beer keg would enable you to do! Watch Now. You can just select the right size keg and start enjoying a chilled glass of beer without delays!