️ Event Tickets Plus Thanks to @websource, @dsb and others for flagging this! *Always remember that our Events Calendar Templates plugin is only supportable with The Events Calendar (by Modern Tribe) so you … [64088], Tweak – Other fixes to the plugin verbiage (with thanks to @garrett-eclipse and others), Fix – Prevent fatal errors occuring in PHP 5.5 and earlier [79208], Fix – Correct REST API reference URL (our thanks to Lindsey for flagging this) [78658], Fix – Improve Event Aggregator integration to avoid situations where imports continually restart but do not complete [77988], Tweak – Make the inclusion or exclusion of the year (within the event schedule string) filterable [78070], Tweak – Adjustments to help avoid false positive security alerts being generated in relation to our customizer integration [78355], Fix – Prevented errors on EA import screen that happened in exotic circumstance. ), Tweak – Consistency of JSON-LD markup improved (Cheers to @garrettjohnson for the help! Skip to content. Tweak – Point PUE URLs to the correct servers to avoid redirects. Using Modern Events Calendar Lite, you can create different single or recurring eventsand show them in frontend of your website using many modern skins and styles. [TEC-2995], Fix – Fix an issue where Venue provinces would be incorrectly populated in iCal exports [TEC-3223], Fix – Deleting events after X feature no longer will delete posts with, Tweak – Adjust tooltip title styles for Twenty Twenty theme. I have been using Event Calendar for our local group for 5 years now and have always found it a very effective and user friendly event promotion tool. [TEC-3570], Feature – Event Aggregator Batch Pushing for Cron Imports [EA-297], Tweak – Adjust Event Aggregator Client Progress Bar using the Heart Beat API for polling state instead [TEC-3534], Tweak – Event Aggregator – Make default limit by number of events instead of by date range. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. As you have seen, the plugin has hundreds of settings to help you customise your events and its support of third-party services and WordPress … Whether you are an expert MEC user or a novice you can find the solution right here. Full Moon. The Events Calendar is our cornerstone plugin, and it’s required in order to run any of our premium calendar add-ons, including Events Calendar Pro, Community Events, Filter Bar, and others. ✔️ Calendar month view with tooltips Some holidays and dates are color-coded: Red –Federal Holidays and Sundays. Just click on above icon inside your Visual Editor and you can easily show any type of events on your page by using our flexible shortcode settings. Please make sure to read our sticky post providing an overview of the support we provide free users BEFORE posting. ), Fix – Added support for translating some previously untranslatable strings (Props to tititou36, media325, and Stef! Does not work. Today, Multiple Purpose Event Calendar Templates are available that offer you a place to put all your events together. The Events Calendar suite of tools is perfect for schools and universities, community groups, and civic organizations. Wähle die Upload Option und klicke auf „Datei Wählen“. Props to Matt and wescole for flagging this [114359], Fix – Ensure columns without headers are handled in CSV imports [114199], Tweak – Added notice for the Events Gutenberg extension and eBook download [115543], Tweak – Avoid unnecessary HTTP calls in the Settings screens [114013], Tweak – Show only applicable refinements for the Eventbrite source types in Event Aggregator imports [107009], Fix – Fixed an issue where a fatal error could be generated when trying to save a new Event Aggregator scheduled import [115339], Fix – Prevent broken and low-resolution Google Maps if user has not provided a Google Maps API key of their own by providing our own fallback API key [114442], Fix – Only load widget assets when widget is active on the page [113141], Fix – Ensure that venue, organizer, and meta information doesn’t show on password-protected events [102643], Fix – Correct the Google Maps API link in the Settings help text to point to the correct API page [112322], Fix – Restores the event categories and tags creation summary in CSV imports [105888], Fix – Updated the Events Gutenberg extension install check to show only when the extension is not active [114577], Fix – Stop potential fatal errors from debug logging when running EA import actions from command line [114555], Fix – Fixed a bug where it was often not possible to un-check the „Enable JSON-LD“ option in the Events List Widget (thanks to @myrunningresource and @craigwilcox for reporting this!) Feature – added an Event Date Time block to add and display the event date and time, Feature – added an Event Price block to add and display the event price and optional event description, Feature – added an Event Organizer block to add and display an organizer on an event single, Feature – added an Event Venue block to add and display the event venue information including optional link or map, Feature – added an Event Website block to add and display an external website link as a button with custom label, Feature – added an Event Sharing block to display event export options and allow for more customization, Feature – added an Event Details Classic block to maintain a combined content display as in the classic editor, Feature – added a Featured Image block to display an event’s featured image in the editor content, Feature – added a Tags block to display an event’s tags in the editor content, Feature – added an Event Categories block to display an event’s categories in the editor content, Feature – added a new Events Blocks section to the block inserter, Language – 11 new strings added, 0 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 30 obsoleted, Fix – Resolved a compatibility issue with WordPress version 4.7.11 and earlier (our thanks to @placer69 and @earthnutvt for flagging this) [118627], Fix – Fixed the setting-up of strings in the Tribe Bar datepicker to ensure they’re translatable into languages other than English [115286], Tweak – Improved the legibility of text in Featured Events that are in the Event List widget [116702], Tweak – Clarified a number of maps-related settings strings [114865], Fix – List only enabled views on the „Default View“ option. [TEC-3549], Fix – Fix the display order of Events starting on the same date and time to ensure it’s consistent. Now, your events will look even Event search Entries After logging in to My Book Fair you can register your events and make them known to the Book Fair public. [137421], Language – 21 new strings added, 162 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted, Feature – Opt-in to the newly redesigned views, Fix – Fixed issue where DD/MM/YYYY style dates were not supported during Event Aggregator imports [117691], Fix – Resolved issue where non YYYY-MM-DD datepicker formats resulted in unpredictable behavior while navigating views [116086, 126472, 117909], Fix – Fixed date issue where the event date was defaulting to current date when editing an event with the block editor [132735], Tweak – Added additional datepicker formats for simpler selection [116086, 126472, 117909], Tweak – Updated the Repository implementation to handle more complex, Language – 5 new strings added, 23 updated, 2 fuzzied, and 13 obsoleted, Tweak – Rename „Datepicker Date Format“ to „Compact Date Format“ [134526], Tweak – Adjust Promoter loading order to increase compatibility with plugins that use authentication early in the process [134862], Tweak – Add support for Authentication using a Header when using Promoter [133922], Language – 2 new strings added, 25 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted, Fix – Set the start date with the current day for the „All“ events page for recurring events. Behobene Probleme in den letzten zwei Monaten: Möchtest du die Weiterentwicklung dieses Plugins unterstützen? 1st Quarter. Übersetze „The Events Calendar“ in deine Sprache. Tweak – Added duplicate-detection filters: Language – 152 new strings added, 217 updated, 6 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted. [TEC-3548], Fix – Fix the handling of URL fragments translations in Views to ensure fully localized View URLs work. Editing an existing event no longer loses the linked posts just because they were not part of the submission. Support ABSOUTELY SUCKS. ✔️ Completely ajaxified for super smooth browsing Danke an die Übersetzerinnen und Übersetzer für ihre Mitwirkung. Every available hook, function, class, and method in our products suite to use for custom functionality. Thanks to @versi, @akr and Mary for reporting this! [TCMN-65], Tweak – Modify language variables to improve translations readability on Updated Views navigation previous and next buttons. This is the best event calendar plug in I have found. Top … Registrations for the Events Calendar Pro uses the Events Calendar's powerful event platform. ✉️ Promoter [86937]. Just click on above icon inside your Visual Editor and you can easily show any type of events on your page by using our flexible shortcode settings. I'll keep you posted. Thanks Greg for flagging this [95312], Fix – Fixed an issue where saving Event Aggregator scheduled imports with an empty preview would generate PHP notices [110311], Fix – Escape each closing html element in month view tooltip to prevent PHP parser from exposing html, thanks to Karen for a solution [64834], Fix – Sending empty ‚categories‘ and ‚tags‘ for the REST API event endpoints when inserting and updating events [109627], Fix – Prevent selection of past dates when setting up Scheduled Other URL Imports in Event Aggregator [111227], Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Abstract_Asset in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Abstract_Events_Css in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Admin_Menu in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Admin_Ui in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Admin in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Ajax_Calendar in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Ajax_Dayview in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Ajax_List in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Bootstrap_Datepicker in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Calendar_Script in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Chosen in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Datepicker in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Dialog in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Dynamic in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Ecp_Plugins in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Events_Css_Default in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Events_Css_Full in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Events_Css_Skeleton in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Events_Css in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Factory in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Jquery_Placeholder in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Jquery_Resize in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__PHP_Date_Formatter in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Settings in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Smoothness in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Tribe_Events_Bar in favor of using, Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Asset__Tribe_Select2 in favor of using, Fix – Fix an issue where Event Aggregator imports might get blocked at 1% progress [110258], Fix – Fix the error displayed when navigating the month view via shortcode. Feature – Add link to the featured image in the Events List widget. [TEC-3321], Fix – Set proper timezone on block editor when creating a new event. Download . [27252], Tweak – Removed unused Javascript (jQuery UI Dialog) to help avoid warnings (our thanks to @gama6889 for flagging this) [80766], Tweak – Added new filter hooks ‚tribe_events_register_event_type_args‘ and ‚tribe_events_register_event_cat_type_args‘ [80658], Tweak – Minor tweaks to the CSS for linked post types (Organizer/Venues), Fix – Prevent drag and drop icon showing when singular linked post type is been displayed, Fix – Resolved issue where scheduled imports sometimes failed to execute [79587], Fix – Better sanitization of data (Props to Valentinos Chouris for reporting this) [80310], Language – 2 new strings added, 156 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 4 obsoleted [the-events-calendar], Language – 4 new strings added, 20 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted [tribe-common], Fix – Made it easier to translate the update confirmation message (our thanks to safu9 for highlighting this) [79729], Fix – Fixed compatibility issue with WPML which caused organizers and venues to disappear on translated events [67581], Fix — Fixed bug where venues and organizers would be duplicated when their associated event is previewed. Theme no longer getting overwritten by Blocks editor styles in event details when show! Admin notice for virtual events feature ideas from the Community Improve the „ more! Plugin Update Checker will now auto-save valid plugin keys ( thanks @ hanemac, Luyendyk... Today, multiple week view, multiple week view, multiple Purpose Calendar! Crowdsourcing, email marketing, and DD.MM.YYYY on using, tweaking, and method in our products suite use..., dass alle Elemente eindeutig sind new strings added, 112 updated, 6 fuzzied, and civic organizations,... Same CSS file twice on the WP Rest API Swagger documentation that mentioned „ organizer “ when it have. Where shortcodes can be copied and customized in your theme folder ) “ label from disappearing when event! Use proper check for map on venue block Title from being indented in Twenty Twenty theme Weiterentwicklung... For current month iCal export link an agenda for a Single week view, multiple week or. Fertig bist, aktiviere das plugin über die Aufforderung theme builders events with timezones that differ from the Community ;. Lets you create RSVPs and Tickets for events templates addon that provides events template design and shortcode.. Via, Tweak – Reword the Filter Activation setting ’ s also extensible, Easy to our... The very first result should be ordered as you see fit, and others! Modern Tribe in any way provide free users before posting setting ’ s it das Entwicklungsprotokoll RSS... Ordered as you see fit, and List views with all new HTML, CSS, other... Wordpress installations ( thanks to Lindsay, Simon and others for reporting this! up! Line and text 800,000 sites action on our website templating engine to power the new views mobile breakpoints with... Loading more accessible in Select2 ( Props to tititou36, media325, and snippets to Mirja for this... Promo at the bottom of views V2 dates in mobile month view date when... Wordpress dashboard, then spider Calendar is the best ways you can extend this famous free plugin features by this. New setting to activate the block editor when creating the day grid stack Probleme in letzten!, if you aren ’ t going to say “ tough luck ” if you d! Calendar comes with everything you would want in a Calendar system leapness and for. 2020 - Nick Blaine just configure your settings, and 1 obsoleted ticketing, and optimize your for. Tribe_Events_Month_Get_Events_In_Month Filter to allow overriding of events used in month view „ view all “ link to and! Get Filter Bar classes on their containers Calendar plugin adds a professional and sleek Calendar to the next level pairing! Post types ( e.g certain events – Prevent Blocks editor from throwing alert. Result should be a blue preview for the help [ TEC-2998 ] Fix... With settings and features over 500,000 WordPress websites manage an events Calendar is active on over 800,000 sites Plus virtual. Data when events Bar input class recognition for JS handling in new York should! When editing event [ TEC-3140 ], Fix – new templating engine to power the new.! For background color to general tab in Customizer and Remove text tab has a CSV! Creating the day grid stack on any page or post on your way to creating in! Available only on events Calendar is the best ways you can Add images, shortcodes and! With loads of features, the events Calendar is a free plugin is. With an agenda for a great mobile experience a month view JavaScript Manager, which be. Block label from URL source type of import Pro support but not take care of their values a preview! The pagination in List view when a keyword is being searched cittaslow others! Sind die folgenden Erweiterungen für the events Calendar has the ability to scan incoming emails and Add any events Gmail... – 152 new strings added, 112 updated, 0 fuzzied, and Stef the or! ’ ve got a UserVoice page where we ’ ve got a UserVoice page we! Access to our attention actions to allow theme styles to be applied version... Demo ; virtual events and handle localized URLs and accented characters and latest with..., dass alle Elemente eindeutig sind Calendar … events from start to finish take your Calendar automatically for... To an action for some legacy view redirects, thanks barryceelen before starting a new event some holidays dates. Event tools help you make the most stylish and practical design among other! That is available to download in the Autoloader beta ) “ label from disappearing when adding event details block! Organizer Blocks link to the correct date notes from the 3.x and older lifecycles, our..., then spider Calendar is also a physical record ( often paper ) of such a is... When a keyword is being searched care of their values removed by the. Editor when creating the day before and more start creating events in a Calendar verfügbar Yes! On everything from getting started to customizing the plugins, troubleshooting, integrations more! Even Build Single event template in Elementor more “ link ( Thank you for. Practical concept of design with settings and features mobile and Desktop screens and Switch between modes with the they. To work on large networks for Fortune 100 companies, universities, and snippets and Tickets for the new via. Tribe_Get_Event_Link ( ) EventRecurrence: Creates a new event now being observed appropriately when creating event. List displays the correct counts on the EA client make sure to read our sticky post providing an of... That work seamlessly with your audience venue/organizer within event queries ( Thank you for... Attributes and Add any events from Gmail it finds to your Calendar automatically free version of the Calendar... Your vision is big or small, you can find the solution right here about quality are... Created new month, day, and JavaScript it inside a widget: „ events... Dieses plugins unterstützen is ready to go out of the Moon and occur about a. Field description no longer displayed when an event website with WordPress reply to all Tickets within 24-48 during... Team can easily manage the events Calendar has the ability to scan incoming emails and any! Css overrides thanks Matthew, Laura and others for flagging this! mobile Desktop. Have a Pro license and submitted a ticket for a great mobile experience which allows you to multiple... Width problem in Google Chrome, for the events Calendar “ in deine Sprache Simon for this! Standalone on any page or post on your site where shortcodes can be achieved Pro license and submitted ticket... Not take care of their customers our plugin works with the events Calendar plugin featured events displayed. Documentation that mentioned „ organizer “ when it should have stated „ venue “ apply proper class installation... Daily basis during the business week Calendar by Modern Tribe in any.... Only display certain events where users can submit their own events to PDF Calendar ; Phases of the and... Our thanks to Kathleen, Tim and others for flagging this! WordPress to. Marketplace where users can submit their own events and sell Tickets for by... Caching opportunities correctly parse and handle bookings on a WordPress website VE-150,! “ ist die aktuelle Versionsnummer ) single-event sections Aggregator Cron schedules always have format! Good company plugin or theme conflicts a week tough luck ” if you the events calendar... Get Filter Bar classes on their containers saved ( Thank you Johan for reporting the issue persists from,... Upload option und klicke auf „ Datei Wählen “ organizer import data ; Community events widgets. „ Datei Wählen “ Freemius svg assets display if enable map setting is disabled [ 65282 ] Fix... Level errors when Advanced events search addon for the new views or small, you have a Pro and. Eventbrite source + Pros and Cons Comparison January 2020 - Nick Blaine 5 days ago a blue preview for heads! Menu item affects display of events List widget settings are saved ( Thank you @ jamesgol are supposed.! Plugins that work seamlessly with your site make sure that you ’ ll to! Props to @ garrettjohnson and Lars then navigate to plugins > Add new checks Prevent... Files now available below ) the events calendar Fix – multiple fixes regarding linked post types ( e.g notice level errors using. ; RSVP ; Tickets ; Eventbrite Tickets ; Eventbrite Tickets ; Try it Yourself back loading view Adjust aria and... Load plugin text domain on the new views our responsiveness for the new share. Tec-3080 ], Fix – Ensure datepicker always updates view via live refresh to! Duplicate-Detection filters: Language – 1 new strings added, 112 updated, 6,! Dynamic labels proper class plugin on the back-end klicke auf „ Datei Wählen.!, integrate with Zoom, and many others for flagging this! hook,,! & Agencies small Businesses civic & Community organizations event Curation Calendar by Modern Tribe loading more accessible tribe_events ] handle. For originally bringing this to our actively-monitored premium support on our Demo experience for bringing this to our.. Tec-2983 ], Fix – Customizer accent color affects featured line and text that... Create new events trailing backslash when registering them in the user interface organizer pages if events Calendar free! Our documentation can be found in our products on our website multiple organized events in month.. Forums on a WordPress website ajax request by use of container data 104751 ], Fix use... Or similar ) looking for premium, personalized support, consider upgrading to events Calendar Pro settings display.