If color is important please request a sample. json = event.data; Coordinating Roppe tile, tread and wall base colors: 174 smoke 122 natural 623 nutmeg 123 charcoal Coordinating Roppe tile, tread and wall base colors: 292 palermo 294 south beach 295 sydney 290 catania 289 andria 296 vancouver 291 milan ... vinyl stair treads. Please note, if you don’t see what you need, we can special order almost any legal specie and finish you need, just contact us for a custom quote! Styles & Physical Characteristics: Round Raised Disk Pattern Rubber Stair Tread with Integrated In stock orders … Stair Treads are optimized for the visually impaired and are ADA compliant. var iframe = doc.createElement('iframe'); See more ideas about stair treads, rubber, stairs. } catch (ignore) {} Call for more information. } else { Twój kręgosłup Ci za nie podziękuje. Flooring. } catch (ignore) {} Cant find what you are looking for? function(retValue, success) { payload.parameter 25-year warranty. COLORS (For all rubber tread profiles.) element.async = true; success: success, win = win.parent; if (typeof window.__uspapi === 'undefined') { Cumberland & nearby stores. Vinyl stair treads are the perfect complement to flooring projects in shopping malls, retail settings, government centers, hospitals, and airports. Roppe vinyl stair tread designs combine the best of 2 worlds, affordability and durability, without sacrificing the good looks and quality you've come to expect from Roppe products. args[2](retr); } else { Choose Your Options ... | Color Palette | Color Group | Colors. 25-year warranty. Sort by: Top Sellers. Description - Square Stair Treads are the perfect indoor stair covering for your specific job. }; Eight profiles, 134 colors. 1602 North Union Street, The new Roppe Product Guide is available to view online or download as a PDF. typeof args[3] === 'boolean' var gdprApplies; Where To Find Sassafras Trees, } Prevent the back of the stair treads from becoming contaminated and protect the face from damage. Can be mounted on concrete filled, metal or wood steps. These two brands feature complimentary colors in rubber and vinyl flooring options, giving you the benefits of both with just one call to Floor City you can have both. Choose Your Options ... 16 Vinyl Tread 1/8" LD Rib - SQ - 42" - Steel Blue (2W) Login for Availability. Roppe Stair Treads are made of PVC free rubber for long lasting durability. if (!args.length) { Jim Corbett Resorts. The entire Roppe team works to provide you with the added benefits of innovative products, great customer service, flexible logistics requirements and the industry’s first Single Price Point system! Comes in 15 colors. var payload = json.__tcfapiCall; })(window,document,'script','dataLayer','GTM-MVZTJ2C');// var Arrive=function(c,e,d){"use strict";if(c.MutationObserver&&"undefined"!=typeof HTMLElement){var a,t,r=0,u=(a=HTMLElement.prototype.matches||HTMLElement.prototype.webkitMatchesSelector||HTMLElement.prototype.mozMatchesSelector||HTMLElement.prototype.msMatchesSelector,{matchesSelector:function(e,t){return e instanceof HTMLElement&&a.call(e,t)},addMethod:function(e,t,a){var r=e[t];e[t]=function(){return a.length==arguments.length?a.apply(this,arguments):"function"==typeof r?r.apply(this,arguments):void 0}},callCallbacks:function(e,t){t&&t.options.onceOnly&&1==t.firedElems.length&&(e=[e[0]]);for(var a,r=0;a=e[r];r++)a&&a.callback&&a.callback.call(a.elem,a.elem);t&&t.options.onceOnly&&1==t.firedElems.length&&t.me.unbindEventWithSelectorAndCallback.call(t.target,t.selector,t.callback)},checkChildNodesRecursively:function(e,t,a,r){for(var i,n=0;i=e[n];n++)a(i,t,r)&&r.push({callback:t.callback,elem:i}),0