Any natural or legal person who wishes to belong to the Alliance must meet the following requirements:

First: Being related to the coffee industry, either as:

a) Producer

b) Benefactor

c) Exporter

d) Toaster

e) Distributor

f) Barista

g) Amateur

h) Other:

Second: To reside in Costa Rica

Third: To provide, name, address, phone, e-mail or onother relevant information in case of a legal person.

Fourth: To pay an annual fee to get a membership according to the table below.

Fifth: Compulsory attendance of the partner or legal representative in the Assemblies.


Membership Type Amount
Large Company 50,000 and more $1,000
Medium Company 10,000qq - 49,999 qq $750
Small Business  2,000 qq - 9,999qq $500
Microenterprise 100qq - 1,999qq $250
Amateur and other enterpreneurs $150