About Us

The Women's Coffee Alliance of Costa Rica is known for its acronym AMCCR.
We are an association of women representing women from diverse sectors of the Costa Rican coffee industry.

Our Origin

Inspired by the need of women coffee farmers, a group of 8 North American women got together to form in 2003 The International Women's Coffee Alliance, known by its initials in English, IWCA.
In 2005, a group of Costa Rican women coffee farmers joint and formed an alliance with the IWCA to form the chapter of Costa Rica, giving rise to the AMCCR to seek mutual benefit for women coffee farmers.

In 2011 the AMCCR creates a coffee brand under which members can negotiate a better price to sell their coffee and get better benefits.


Provide the necessary tools to strengthen the participation of women in the coffee industry both nationally and internationally.


Being a model organization with international recognition generating new opportunities for women in the coffee sector, thereby improving the quality of life in their communities in a sustainable manner.