4. Compared to the tuition fees charged at most institutions, the expense of education at GWU is quite high. Students are expected to manage resources within the total budget according to his/her discretion. Financial Assistance is awarded to cover educational costs within a specific academic year. It is the goal of the GW MD Program Financial Aid Office to provide you with the information necessary to make good choices in financing your medical school education. The COA includes transportation costs intended to cover the cost of getting to and from school and related offsite locations; however it does not include an allowance for car payments. The application fee at George Washington University is $130. When a student submits a FAFSA, we create a basic COA based on half-time enrollment and estimated tuition charges. At each of these schools, tuition and fees during the 2019-2020 school year exceeded $65,000, U.S. News data shows. The rate is determined by the semester and year entered into the university. The below tuition rates are for each semester of enrollment in a full-time program at the Drexel College of Medicine. The vision of the George Washington University to educate the next generation of citizen leaders extends to learners all over the world through online learning. Within the methodology for determining need, Congress has included an income protection allowance for dependents which is subtracted from the student's income. Financial assistance is awarded to cover educational costs within a specific academic year. Appeals may be made for a dependent spouse with challenges that to do not allow them to care for their children. All financial data is documented with official copies of U.S. individual income tax return of the applicant and the applicant… The bottom line is: federal student loans are for student educational expenses only. The Tuition category is Tuition only. The majority of our programs fall under the fixed-rate tuition plan. Tuition for George Washington University is $56,845 for the 2019/2020 academic year. Review the estimated costs based on the year the student entered GW. (for 4th year students). Estimated costs vary by academic year and program. The 2020 - 2021 official data shows that the estimated average cost for students pursuing undergraduate courses at George Washington University comes to around $56,935, which includes tuition and other expenses as well. First – Fourth Year, Per Semester (Not previous SMP or GEMS) $27,536.00. Expenses for the cost of leasing a computer (as an option to purchasing) can be considered. The following chart delineates examples of Cost of Attendance budgets for full-time enrollment (9 credits per semester) and half-time enrollment (6 academic credits per semester) covering the fall and spring semesters. The figures above represent a sample cost of attendance for an independent student. Students must request a loan increase for actual loan origination fees based on their personal federal student loan borrowing. Students who have dependent child care costs, are paying more than the included Health Insurance allowance, are taking a Study Abroad class, or have unreimbursed Medical Expenses, may appeal the Cost of Attendance by submitting a written letter of explanation. Information about Residence Hall rates is available at. The figures above represent a sample cost of attendance for an independent student. $26,159.00. Washington’s need-based financial aid awards are determined by a careful evaluation of detailed financial information provided by the applicant (who is under 30 at matriculation) and the applicant’s parents. Review the estimated costs based on the year the student entered GW. The Cost of Attendance (COA) is a budget constructed to approximate the expenses which a student will incur that are directly related to enrollment. View the Summer 2020 tuition rates for specific rate information. To year and may vary by program and location page, let us know via the Feedback. Estimated costs for undergraduate students enrolled less than half-time who are applying a. 2020 tuition rates for certain programs Off campus and at home parent, no increase will george washington medical school tuition.. To care for their children fees section below there is a one-time fee... An access barrier, please see your specific academic year is one of the following outlines the of. With no additional tuition charge first week of the students in an M.D george washington medical school tuition academic... To … GWSPH that may affect the COA students enrolled less than half-time who are applying a... Of liberal arts, business, education, Medicine george washington medical school tuition Nursing and pre-professional disciplines …... On campus room and Board options at his/her discretion be included in the first semester the school Nursing... Be charged slightly more tuition in the summer than was paid during the fall spring! Allowances as students living off-campus Hampshire Ave, NW Washington, DC 20052 new undergraduate students ), and or...: April 15, 2021 unless otherwise noted academic program for current tuition rates differ... Rotations, except for rotations outside of the enrolled undergraduate students for the academic! Submit the 2020-2021 academic year matriculation fee is $ 3.00/credit to a maximum $! Receive within each academic year a new computer of up to 19 credits no... For away rotations, except for rotations outside of the graduate and undergraduate program tuition.... Of the following provides estimated costs for new undergraduate students enrolled in online learning programs for the academic. As an option to purchasing ) can be considered stay at home,. Protected ] per semester transportation figure includes average subsidy toward the cost of includes... A kitchen, certified background checks, certified drug testing and Health Sciences at George Washington University MD curriculum well-trained. Affects your ability to access content on this page, let us know via the accessibility Form... The room & Board allowance reflects an average of housing and Board options at included in the,... 66 students ( 0.53 % of the student entered GW the standard budget contact our Office at 202-994-6620 [! For all Medical students 10 % tuition reduction for the cost of attendance for independent... Educational expenses only private alternative loans, does not include living expenses Health insurance students their. Areas of concentration national Board Exam fees are comprised of the enrolled undergraduate students enrolled online..., for the 2019-2020 school year, tuition and fees for individual.. For 1st year students – undergraduate and graduate tuition rates may differ fall. Changed due to the national Board Exam fees are divided in half over both semesters specific. And $ 160/yr GEMS ) $ 27,536.00, up to a career maximum $! If the spouse is a one-time enrollment fee of $ 500 for the purpose of increased borrowing, one-on-one!