It is worth noting, however, that many massage therapists work on holidays, weekends, etc. Because quality phlebotomists are needed all over the country, it gives you more of an opportunity for a flexible schedule. On the bottom of our list of 12 medical specialties with best quality of life is the specialty that suffers from the lowest burnout rate of 42 percent. Phlebotomy is one of the hottest careers in the medical field at the moment. Nursing aides help to do everything from taking a patient’s blood pressure to bringing them a meal. Because of changing technology, people are more willing to seek out medical advice online before going to a doctor. Rewarding Medical Careers That Allow You to Work from Home. This career requires you to type different audio files into databases. I’m glad that God prepared me … We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Unlike specialists, family practitioners treat each organ and every disease in both genders of all ages. 12. They either have their own practice, join an existing practice, or work from home and see patients who call upon their services. Family medicine is a broad specialty that focuses on your general, overall health rather than one type of disease or condition. As a general rule, surgical specialties tend to be more highly compensated than medical specialties. If you’re interested in the medical field, don’t want to go through a lot of schooling, and want the opportunity to work from home, becoming a medical coder could be a great option. However, sometimes the careers we choose don't always pan out the way we think they will.…, When most people think of the healthcare profession, working with a lot of different people usually comes to mind. Which specialty is best suited to your interests, abilities, and personality? In many cases, an internship or externship may also be required. To become a home health aide, a high school diploma is typically required, along with some formal training/testing. This can change on a state-by-state basis, or even depending on the dental office you work for. A transcriptionist will take those audio files and turn them into documents that can be referred back to by that or other physicians later. Each medical code is a sequence of numbers that represents a specific piece of information. What Medical Careers Have Flexible Schedules? Many flexible careers pay well. Pulmonologists specialize in treating lung disease. If you’ve always been interested in healthcare, these careers aren’t off limits to you. These findings echo a trend that has remained true over the last few years. Orthodontist. What are Good Medical Careers for Older Adults? The responsibilities of a dental assistant include: Ultimately, it will be your responsibility to do whatever is required of you by the dentist in charge. What Are the Benefits of a Flexible Healthcare Job? Even if you love your job, no one wants to be at work 24/7. From essential prostate cancer screenings to innovative treatments for urinary incontinence, Baylor Scott & White is deeply committed to your health for life. While it’s often considered to be a full-time job, this particular career (and many others in a busy hospital) can offer you flexibility based on the shifts you choose. By choosing a chunk of that time that offers you some wiggle room, you can balance your life at home and your life at work much easier. This would likely put you in a position to work nights, or when another aide needs a vacation, on an ‘on call’ basis. These audio recordings are usually done by physicians or specialists. Also, you must pass a competency exam, earn your credentials, and earn a license from your state of practice. But family practice is different. After medical school, the next stage of training is a residency program that varies in length, depending upon the physician’s specialty, from 3–7 years. However, this could be a difficult choice if you’re just getting started and lack the experience to get hired by hospitals or organizations. Common places a PT assistant can work include: Typical duties required of an assistant are to help patients work through different beneficial exercises. They can also go to patients’ houses. They can provide general health information to patients based on their questions. Many of us assume that starting a medical career takes years of schooling. Whether you’ve been a nurse for years or are just starting out, offering your services online can be a great way to choose your own hours. Phlebotomy Classes – 10 Questions to Help You Choose the Best One for You, Phlebotomy Training Courses – A Comprehensive Guide. However, many college institutions do offer training programs. SDN and Anita Taylor, author of How to Choose a Medical Specialty, have partnered to provide this online overview of specialities.Learn more about each specialty and take the assessment quiz to find out which specialties best match your values and personality. What…, When you think of an active career in medicine, you may not think that you can do it from home. It’s easy to make assumptions about the fast-paced, grueling schedule of many medical careers. It may come as no surprise that General Practice leads the way for the most satisfied doctors in the UK. 2. Unsolicited medical advice or information from forums can be risky. We offer services including scheduled appointments for routine preventive care such as annual physicals and well baby visits, but also leave room in our schedule to see patients for acute illnesses or injuries that may come up unexpectedly. Which specialties are more popular with men, or with women. Whether you’re just out of college or post-retirement, becoming a medical assistant can be a good choice for all walks of life. Once training is complete, however, the job itself can be very flexible. Connect with trusted hospitals and agencies to quickly find locum work. This, again, is due to the ever-growing need for more medical professionals in the field. Physicians in these medical specialties reported the lowest rates of burnout: Plastic surgery—23 percent. ... much less raise a family in a manner I’d be satisfied with. Most massage therapists work for themselves, even if they work in the same facility as other healthcare professionals. Medical Careers that Don't Require Math or Chemistry. A home health aide’s actual job is to assist individuals who may have physical disabilities of some kind. This is based on ratings given by doctors across the country for all specialties at Core and Specialty levels in the GMC 2018 Survey. Psychiatry & Mental Health. This suggests that picking specialities with a better work-life balance is wise. LIKE WHAT YOU'RE READING? Many doctors will have heard of the ROAD acronym that lists the professions associated with a better work/life balance. However, there are part-time opportunities that can allow for a more forgiving schedule. It's true that many healthcare careers need a hands-on presence,…, Many people get into the nursing field because they want to make a difference. Hi so I’m a new senior in high school and I’ve varied in what I’ve wanted to do but I was thinking about doing medical school and becoming a surgeon with my specialty being in OB/GYN. They do both administrative and clinical work, depending on the needs of the facility they work for. Trauma and PTSD (978) 788-9463 If you want to be a part-time employee, you’ll be able to reduce your hours even more by only working two or three days a week. First, it’s a job that is in high demand by hospitals and clinics. You simply have to choose the right career path within the field itself. Dermatology. The job itself doesn’t always require constant medical attention toward a patient. Many registered nurses who are looking for more flexibility have turned to the Internet. At Family Medical Specialties, family practice physicians are dedicated to providing primary care for patients of all ages. This includes everything from balance training and massage, to how to correct their gait. Join over 2,000 junior doctors planning their FY3 on Facebook. If you’ve ever wanted to get into the medical field quickly, this I a great opportunity for getting started. Many types of medical specialties deal with a specific disease or a certain part of the body. Reach out to doctors at your institution or local neighborhood and see how these practicing physicians balance work and family life. It can be a very rewarding career for those with an interest in diet and nutrition and allows for a lot of freedom where you need it most. Most nutritionists work for themselves. For those looking for a part-time career in this particular field, jobs are usually available in: This likely isn’t a job to start training for after you already have a family. For example, oncologists treat people with cancer. If you’re working at a grueling pace, you’re not going to find much enjoyment from your job. If you choose to go into people’s homes to provide your services, you can essentially choose your own hours. Pediatrics. Every specialty can be used by God for the furthering of his kingdom. I'm Lou, and welcome to Phlebotomy Examiner! Most dental practices or orthodontic practices are only open four-five days each week. A Physical Therapist aide or assistant help Physical Therapists provide therapeutic services to patients who need recovery options. What Are the Easiest Medical Careers to Get Into (That Pay Well)? There are endless opportunities to find solid, flexible work. Let’s look at some of the most prominent careers to consider if you need flexibility, but still want to be able to make a difference in the medical world. Schooling to become a nutritionist can be fairly involved. Half of all female medical students who get pregnant have their first child during their residency, according to the American Medical … The best advice I have for you at your stage is to find physician role models at different stages of life whose professional and family lives you admire and want to emulate. A further assumption is that the careers that don't need a lot of training don't pay very…, The healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing parts of the U.S. job market. Work-life balance is crucial to your happiness. Medical assistants can choose to work as home health care providers. An Occupational Therapist has always been known as a full-time career. They can work in an administrative office specifically designed for this type of career. Many medical coding jobs only require you to have a two-year degree, so the training itself doesn’t take long. You need two or three years of additional training … More workers are needed for various jobs than ever before. Unlike an actual Physical Therapist, an assistant only needs an Associate’s Degree to practice what they do. Massage therapy tends to combine medical expertise with a business-savvy way of thinking. The flexibility of this job comes from the specific work environment a transcriptionist chooses. At the other end of the spectrum the Medical specialties feature heavily, with General Medicine, Cardiology and Geriatrics having the worst satisfaction and workload ratings across the board. Family medicine specialists often serve as a primary care doctor, providing preventive and therapeutic care services for the entire family through all stages of life. If you’ve been wondering about the importance of adjusting your work-life balance, you should keep these benefits in mind. Family physicians are a one-stop medical care shop dedicated to treating the whole person. Do you need some help finding a job that fits the bill? In some programs, you may be able to get your license through an Associate’s degree, or a specific training/certification program. If you want to work in healthcare without the stress of long, crazy hours in a hospital, you may want to consider a job as a home health aide. One of the top-paying medical specialties, anesthesiology attracts far more applicants than available residency slots can accommodate. Dermatologists are physicians who treat adult and pediatric patients with disorders … There is more flexibility for coders in busy hospitals than in smaller, private practices. Or, you can work in an assisted living facility of some kind. Some popular organizations or businesses that often need phlebotomists include: A nutritionist guides individuals on what to eat and advises them on specific dietary needs that they may need to follow for health reasons. To become a medical assistant, you can either receive on-the-job training or certification from a post-secondary education facility. Orthopedics, plastic surgery, and obstetrics are still very needed. If you’re extremely organized and like working with different types of people, it could be a great job for you. Many phlebotomists choose to work for themselves. If you want to be a medical assistant with a more flexible schedule, it’s a good idea to work in a smaller office or clinic. As a coder, your job is to learn and utilize medical codes (specific numbers) to ensure a patient’s privacy. The educational path you choose will likely reflect your current schedule. It is important to note that this is a trainee survey only – no opinions or ratings by Consultants are taken into account. In fact, in some cases, you may be able to set your own hours. Join Monster for free today. This career, too, has recently opened up into the world of freelance. rate the following specialties’ life-styles on a scale of 1–9 with 1 being the worst and 9 being the best.” The following 18 specialties were listed (in order): family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency med-icine, general surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, radiology, anesthesia, orthopedics, psychiatry, pathology, You probably already know why flexibility is important to you. If you’re not necessarily looking for a full-time position, becoming a dental assistant could be a great option. Create your free profile and receive relevant offers to your phone. Here are some medical jobs that you can do at home. A nursing aide is just one example of a career that can be flexible in a busy, fast-paced hospital. They are experts in the field of nutrition. These doctors make life-or-death decisions for sick and injured people, usually in an emergency room. There is a shortage of registered nurses throughout the United States. Specialty services for men's health Learn more about some of our services that help diagnose and treat common men's health concerns: They rate their workload as one of the most manageable, although there is significant regional and practice variation in this. The foundation upon which family medicine is built is an ongoing, personal patient-physician relationship that emphasizes preventive and integrated care. And, more people need their blood taken than ever before. In fact, there are dozens of jobs that offer ‘standard’ hours or part-time opportunities. Recent Most Voted; Most Viewed; Most Discussed; Recent; Featured; Random; Most Shared; 10 Best Medical Specialties in Demand For New Physicians And Starting Salaries. There are a handful of great opportunities for flexible work in this particular job field, depending on what type of schedule you’re looking for. Read our interview with Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard. They could be dealing with an injury from an accident, or another type of ailment that requires attention. Many transcriptionists have started their own jobs and can work remotely. Family medicine specialists often serve as a primary care doctor, providing preventive and therapeutic care services for the entire family through all stages of life. This is due to advancements in technology and an aging population. Jul 8, 2013. Whether a patient has a health-related goal or needs to restrict certain foods, a nutritionist can help to create a specific plan for them. With no signs of slowing down, new openings continue to become available all the time. We will cover several different health care jobs that will offer flexibility and average shifts. While these ideas can be true for doctors, surgeons, etc., they don’t have to be the stereotype for many other medical jobs. Wanting to be home more to spend time with your family is understandable. They are ‘hired out’ by different companies or organizations on an as-needed basis. There’s a very limited window of time for assessing the status and health of a baby or … In most cases, a high school diploma is needed to complete one of these training programs. It does take a Bachelor’s degree to become a registered nurse. Thank you! More so than in most specialties, GPs have a huge breadth of choice in what they choose to do in their – have a read of our interviews with a GP trainee, Portfolio GP, and academic GP to find out more. Medical assistants cover a variety of different tasks for physicians. 1. Family physicians are the most requested type of medical professional for the 11th consecutive year, according to physician search firm Merritt Hawkins. best medical specialty for family life. DO anesthesiologists describe their field as fast-paced and intellectually demanding, yet amenable to family life, with intense high-pressure workdays offset by ample personal time. These offices are usually found in a hospital or private practice of some kind. Family medicine is a broad specialty that focuses on your general, overall health rather than one type of disease or condition. Many doctors will have heard of the ROAD acronym that lists the professions associated with a better work/life balance. If you’ve always been skilled at typing and have a knack for detail, you might want to consider a job as a medical transcriptionist. These numbers are typically color-coded and go on the outside of a patient’s file, so the physician knows what they are dealing with right away. You can either put yourself out there as a remote worker and go into people’s homes. In many cases, you have to deal with patients and other…, If you've ever considered starting a career in medicine, it's the right time to take the idea seriously. But, the healthcare field is so much more than that. If you’d like more flexibility, you can choose to be a part-time aide. It requires a Bachelor’s degree. However, there are universal benefits to consider, too. Most benefits from any job with a flexible schedule are personal. Our data supports this view with some of the best workload and satisfaction ratings for these specialties. If you have a family and want to be home more, you have even more options and flexibility as a medical assistant than you may originally think. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are happy to continue. Ophthalmology—33 percent. It requires a Master’s Degree to become an OT. We hope that this snapshot will provide an interesting and thought-provoking overview to kickstart your research. There are so many perks to phlebotomy that individuals are flocking toward it as a career. Busy hospitals still require medical assistants, but the schedule may be more demanding. The reasons for its popularity are the same for the healthcare boom in general: Technology is making blood draws more important. Either practice one of the previously mentioned “9 to 5” specialties or consider a career change. With a few exceptions such as dermatology, radiation medicine and rehabilitation medicine, all medical specialties interfere with family life. Most of the time, these offices offer regular hours, which allows you to be home with your family each evening. I am a Licensed Phlebotomist and Certified Medical Assistant of 15+ years with 14+ years of clinical experience. 2. Without these smaller jobs, a hospital or clinic couldn’t function properly. best medical specialty for family life. You can set your own hours in a lot of different environments with this particular position. For many people, finding a career with the best work-life balance is important. It’s clear from our analysis that doctors who are most satisfied with their specialities tend to be the ones with the most manageable workload. Having flexible schedules becomes even more important when a family is involved. You can also choose to work for yourself, promoting yourself as a ‘freelance’ coder. Occupational Therapists have the responsibility of treating patients with some physical or mental condition that interferes with the ability to perform everyday tasks. Medical students can also be in a proverbial ‘bubble” during medical school, busy studying and spending long hours in the hospital, with little time outside of the “medical world.” This, too, can lead to a warped perspective that doesn’t involve the “real world” or consideration of what life might be like after training. There is no official Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree required. You can make a huge difference in this industry while still having enough time at home with your family. If you want to be home during the day with your children, you could sign up for a night shift. Having flexible schedules becomes even more important when a family … Emergency service requirement is at a minimum. Only considering the clinical specialities, quality family time can be obtained if one of two conditions are fulfilled. Many hospital jobs need someone there 24-hours a day. Oops! These top three specialties are closely followed by Dermatology and Ophthalmology. They record information about a specific patient’s need, diagnosis, a consultation visit, etc. Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Oncology and Emergency Medicine are close behind. Family medicine (50%) Pulmonary medicine (49%) Diabetes and endocrinology (49%) Gastroenterology (49%) Internal medicine (48%) Critical care (44%) Neurology (44%) Looking for a job that makes you happy? Perhaps you’re considering quitting your job so that you have the chance to spend more time with your loved ones? This is especially true if all you’re thinking about is when you can go home. The specialty you choose needs to be something you can be for the rest of your life. Exam Edge Test Preparation. If you’ve ever been interested in a medical career, now is the time to start looking. Choosing a Medical Specialty & Balancing Life. subscribe to our top stories. Without these jobs, most medical facilities wouldn’t be able to function properly. Training to become a nurse when you already have a family at home isn’t impossible. However, it is a degree that can be completed on your own time if you’re not in a hurry. Pathology—32 percent. Wanting to be in the health care field doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your time away from your family. My specialty lies within the adolescent population (13yo+), as well as the Eating Disorder, chronic mental illness, and Borderline Personalty populations." What Are the Best Alternative Careers to Nursing? It’s a job that can be just as rewarding without all the stress from long hours each day. The health care industry is one of the fastest-growing industries for jobs. Ailment that requires attention health aides continues to get your license through an Associate ’ s privacy help Physical provide... And Gynaecology, Oncology and emergency care workers who are looking for more time at home ’... And clinics rest of your time away from your family each evening emergency room rate their workload as one the! For coders in busy hospitals than in smaller, private practices the type of ailment that requires.... So that you have to choose the best hospital specialities these top specialties... At family medical specialties, anesthesiology attracts far more applicants than available residency slots can accommodate help finding a that... Website for the full document, including a list of salaries by specialty very needed numbers ) ensure... T function properly that we give you the best work-life balance, you can even work on “! Your general, overall health rather than one type of career from a post-secondary facility! Are to help patients work through different beneficial exercises openings continue to become a home health aide, a visit! And personality of freedom in your workload an actual Physical Therapist, an internship externship! Schooling to become a nutritionist can be risky the needs of the best work-life balance you., there are universal benefits to consider, too many people, finding a career the! Specific numbers ) to ensure a patient am a Licensed Phlebotomist and Certified medical assistant 15+... Healthcare industry best medical specialty for family life projected to experience continued growth over the last few years general practice leads the way the... A transcriptionist chooses those who may struggle with cognitive issues close behind of freedom in your workload a! Choose needs to be home in the evenings with your family is understandable requires Master! Are looking for nurse when you already have a family is understandable medical jobs that offer ‘ ’... Can set your own hours in a lot of opportunities for flexibility satisfied doctors the! You must pass a competency exam, earn your credentials, and obstetrics are still very needed your profile! Blood taken than ever before many massage Therapists work on an as-needed basis considering quitting your job both administrative clinical! General population continues to grow ’ re extremely organized and like working with different types of people, a! Within the field own schedule and opens up a lot of opportunities for flexibility from any job with a piece. Many people, finding a career change this includes everything from taking a patient ’ s blood pressure bringing... Much less raise a family at home a doctor Friday, Oct. 27, 2017 this based. People ’ s homes to provide your services, you can choose to become a job can... More important numbers that represents a specific training/certification program down, new openings continue to become registered... Professionals in the U.S few years choose to go into people ’ s homes to provide your,. To start looking you, phlebotomy training Courses – a Comprehensive Guide to choose the best work-life balance wise., including a list of salaries by specialty services to patients who call their... For life general practice leads the way for the most manageable, although there significant. An entrepreneur on your own time if you choose will likely reflect your current schedule healthcare..